About Us

OUR MISSION is to produce high quality, made to order
seafood and other menu items in timely manner while
providing exceptional customer service.

The American Dream

The Catfish Station concept was developed in the spring of 2004 by Rich Hunter & Tre Thomas as a means of earning extra income in a volatile job market. Catfish Station opened its doors in this city approved 14x10 concession trailer on the corner of Almeda & Wheeler in the historic 3rd Ward of Houston, TX. The business operated in 3rd Ward by day, and as a late night option for club-hoppers at various locations. In the summer of 2011, the two childhood friends opened their first Drive-thru Seafood Restaurant on FM 1960 in NW Houston. Today the goal is to establish Catfish Station as a viable contender in the Quick Serve/Fast Casual restaurant industry.

Tre Thomas

The desire to blaze my own trail was always in me. After leaving corporate America, I knew that I would somehow become my own boss. Catfish Station was a formal business plan for many years until two significant events moved that plan into action. The first was the birth of my only child, my son Lincoln. He has helped me to develop a drive for someone greater than my own existence. It is a peaceful pleasure to know that I am doing something that may allow him a platform and resources to accomplish whatever God has called him to be. Second was the support and faith of my family to take the financial risk necessary to start this business when no one else would. Words can never show enough gratitude for giving me to opportunity to chase my dream! With God's grace I would like to create a legacy, which changes my families' access to happiness for generations to come.

You can do all things through Christ. Hard work pays off!

Rich Hunter

I grew up in a small town in Mississippi, where fish frys was the norm for any family gathering. My family would get together and fry fish alone with some of the signature sides that we offer at Catfish Station. Catfish Station is the autobiography of my life. I dreamed of owning a restaurant from as far back as age 15. I knew then what I ultimately wanted to do with my life. My recipe for success includes: God, my children, and passion. First, God has blessed me to have everything that I could ever want or need! God has put me in positions in life that only He could, even when I didn't understand why. I owe everything that I am today to Him. Second, I am the proud father of four children. My journey as the Co-Founder of Catfish Station starts with my children. I can remember driving through the city of Houston searching for restaurants with my children in the back seat. In fact my youngest son is credited with finding our first drive thru location. My motivation comes from wanting to leave a legacy for my childrens' children. Lastly, I simply love what I do. I'm passionate about serving quality food. Every dish served at Catfish Station has our name on it. I take a great deal of pride knowing that our guest love our food and keep coming back time and time again.